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Moving with Ford. Transit and Super Duty to the Rescue!


People ask me all the time how I got into auto journalism and why. I’ll save that story for another day, but you should know that it started with Ford. My relationship with this company has been full of joys, blessings, and FUN. Of course I love their vehicles, but it’s more than that. It’s the people I get to work with who make this experience more than just a car to drive for a week and write about.

When I mentioned on Facebook one day that we were getting ready to move, Becky (my personal Ford concierge) reached out and asked if having an F-350 Super Duty for the rest of the month would be helpful. Helpful? Talk about a HUGE blessing. Then to make the deal even sweeter she also offered the massive Transit van for a week.

Do you know how much stuff a family can accumulate over twelve years? Or how many trips back and forth from town to your new house in the country can be saved with two huge vehicles? A lot.

We didn’t need a moving truck.

That is a big deal folks. Having the Super Duty for two weeks allowed us to move large loads each evening when we were going out anyway to work on renovations. It also helped us haul lumber, PVC, and more for our projects.

Ok know you're jealous of my van. #moving #fordtx #fordnation #transit #vans #vangram #instavans

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The Transit was a life saver. We left our new house late Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining bright and the weather beautiful. We headed to the old house to load up our beds and the last of our furniture and appliances and just as we were finishing up, a storm blew in completely unexpectedly. It was one of the worst storms of the summer, and there we were, all loaded down in a van, with a roof. Mattresses, leather couches, etc all safe and dry. What a blessing!

Now that we’re finally getting settled I intend to write full reviews of both vehicles. But for now, I just want to say THANK YOU to my friends at Ford for blessing us in this way.

Want to see even more pictures from our move? Head to Instagram and check out my feed!

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