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NuVinAir: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Car. Getting Rid of Odors in Your Car is Easier than Ever


The NuVinAir Cyclone Treatment at work in my car.

If you’ve been needing some help getting rid of odors in your car, this post is for you! I’m so excited about this product and process and can’t wait to see it offered at dealerships and details shops all over the country.

Getting to Know NuVinAir

Being a member of the Texas Motor Press Association I was offered a complimentary NuVinAir treatment for my car. Having no idea what this was, I got online and did a little research. Before long I was convinced it might be just what I needed to get rid of the horrible odors in my car!

See, we’d had a leak in our Camry… the sunroof’s drainage system was clogged and was causing rainwater to leak in and soak the carpet in the backseat. And of course, the carpet mildewed. No amount of shampooing, using tea tree and lemon oil or letting the car air out made any difference. I finally took the car to our dealership to get the leak fixed, plus get an interior detailing done. That made a huge difference, but the smell was still there… enough to give me headaches every time I drove the car. And my eyes burned.

Getting Rid of Odors In Your Car with NuVinAir

When I learned about NuVinAir’s ability to clean the ventilation system of the car in addition to doing an interior detail I got on the phone to schedule a treatment. According to their website, their products are all eco-friendly and this treatment is very popular with dealerships who want to clean up trade-ins before reselling them. Worth a try, right?

A few friends had this done and one said they chose to have his wife’s car treated since she’d just given up smoking after 7 years. Her car ended up smelling like new with no trace of smoke smell left!

Having My NuVinAir Treatment Scheduled Was Super Easy

NuVinAir found a dealership near me where a representative was already scheduled to be doing some treatments and was able to get me right in. I enjoyed looking around the used car lot, spending some time in the dealership’s waiting room, and visiting with the NuVinAir rep while the pattened cleaning process worked its magic on my car’s ventilation system.

The Before/After Smell Test: Did It Work?

NuVinAir Cyclone Cup for getting rid of odors in your car.

The magic NuVinAir Cyclone Cup… plugs into your car’s USB port and disperses a solution throughout your car.

Now, I don’t have before/after photos because I had just had my car detailed the week before, and I didn’t expect much of a difference in the way the interior of the car would look. And I was right. It was already clean. But, I was here for odor removal. If I could give you a before/after smell, you’d appreciate it!

The musty mildewy smell is GONE. No more headaches, itchy eyes, and swollen throats. Our car smells like new inside.

Plus the representative offered to spray some NuVinAir refreshing spray in the car too and gave me the choice between a sweet vanilla scent and lime. I chose lime and loved it!

I can imagine this would be an amazing treatment for anyone who has pets, kids, smelly boys who do sports… or fishermen bringing home a catch in the family car. Ahem.

One Thing I Wish I’d Known…

One word of caution… the ventilation system is cleaned with chlorine. They dissolve tablets in a special tumbler that diffuses a mist through the vehicle while the AC is running, so that the chlorine permeates the whole system, killing any spores, bacteria, and odors. In theory, this is a grand idea. But I wasn’t aware that’s what would be used, and I wish I had known and been able to arrange my schedule to allow for time to air the car out well or send my husband to have the treatment done. See, I’m allergic to chlorine. It makes my throat and airways swell, gives me a headache and makes my eyes itch. Being on the way to pick up my sisters at the airport meant I had no choice but to get in the car right after the treatment was done and deal with it. Fortunately, it wasn’t 100 degrees out yet and I was able to pop the sunroom and put the windows down for a bit to help air things out. So, if you’re allergic or sensitive to chlorine, keep this in mind. The smell does dissipate pretty quickly and it is totally worth it to have it done, but you may want to make arrangements so you’re not suffering like I was.

Ready to Schedule Your Own NuVinAir Treatment?

Head over to NuVinAir’s website to find a certified distributor near you. Contact them and they will set you up with an appointment at a dealership in your area where a technician will assist you with getting rid of odors in your car.