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Wish I had this 2016 Ford Transit Connect When I Was Making Deliveries!


2016 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review

Back in the day my mom owned an office supply company, and I was the delivery gal, running all over town in my little Jeep, delivering cases and cases of paper, big equipment, and boxes of random supplies. Back then, this 2016 Ford Transit Connect would have come in handy!

I just got to drive the Transit Connect for a week, and while the two passenger capacity made it a little impractical for a daily driver, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I got to spend in it. We had some adventures, that little red van and I.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review

First up, let’s talk about how stinking cute it is!

Ok, so Ford would probably like me to say something more like sporty, or modern, but I smiled every time I looked at this little van. Anything miniature makes me grin, so you might need to never mind me when I gush about how cute this thing is. Tiny, bright red, pointed little nose… seriously. Could it get any more adorable?

2016 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van

My kids think the Transit Connect is the coolest and the minute it arrived they started arguing about who would get to go for a ride first, and where mommy would take them on their ‘date.’ For the record, the youngest won and he chose the frozen yogurt shop.

2016-03-29 19.09.30

And it’s practical too.

I love that the Transit Connect is so customizeable. When you head to the Ford website you’ll see it comes just like mine, plain and ready to customize. You can ask your dealership about upfitter options specific to your needs. As is, it comes with a great rubber floor mat that is super easy to clean. I swept it out, then used a wet mom to really scrub it down after some of my landscaping materials rolled around and made a mess in there. It looked like new within minutes. The short-wheelbase van which I drove is known for easy maneuvering and parking on tight city streets and boasts 103.9 cu. ft. of storage capacity. That’s a lot. One afternoon we packed this thing up with half a dozen lawn chairs, the kids wagon, a bunch of gardening supplies, supper for the whole crew, and a big case of water and still had tons of room to spare!

2016-03-28 15.50.38

One of the little details that really impressed me was the shelf area above your head. It’s perfectly within reach for the driver and a great place to store your clipboards, notebooks, and other paperwork while you’re out making deliveries so these important items aren’t sliding all over the van.

2016-03-28 15.47.24

The Transit Connect gets 19-27 miles per gallon estimated fuel efficiency and starts at just $22,625. You can of course add-on some cool features like a backup camera, switch from a hatch style read door to two fold out doors, add power mirrors, splash guards, or add glass to the sliding doors on both sides. You have lots of options for upgrades! Personally, I’d want glass on those windows because backing out of any space, and changing lanes, freaked me out every time when I’d look over my shoulder and not be able to see out. :-O

2016-03-28 15.46.38

You do get the Ford SYNC system for navigation and entertainment with this van. You’ve got satalite radio, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control and adjustable (manual) front seats, power windows, and all the other good stuff like plenty of cup holders.

2016-03-28 15.47.04

The 2016 Transit Connect is Also Available as a Wagon

And by wagon, we mean passenger van. That’s right, 7 seater, mini van. I’ve seen a lot of these rolling around town lately and I know why. The van is fun to drive, with all the windows and the optional sunroof it’s light, airy, and so spacious. Considering it’s meant to be a passenger vehicle it comes with a lot more creature comforts and features than the cargo version.

Overall, I was Impressed.

I guess I didn’t know what to expect from a tiny cargo van. I’ve driven lots of vans in my time, but none meant for cargo. I assumed it would be very basic, and it is in some respects, but you don’t feel like you’re wanting for anything when you drive this vehicle, thanks to the great technology and modern styling of the cockpit. If I had a small business, this would be at the top of my wishlist. I can totally imagine loving this as a florist, baker, caterer, or repairman!


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