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International Trip Around Texas: Where Should We Go?



International Trip Around TexasMy husband, our two sons, and I are planning a fall break International trip around Texas for the end of September. We want to visit some of the Texas cities and towns with International names! Whether the town was actually named for an another country or city doesn’t matter… what matters is that we’ll be able to say, we’ve been to places like Athens, Moscow, and Dublin!

Here’s Where I Need Your Help!

So, here’s a list of some of the cities/towns/used to be towns on our itinerary. If you’ve been to any of these locales, please leave me a comment! I’d love to know what you liked about these places, your favorite attraction or place to eat, and any nearby things we should do!

A Few Details for Our International Trip Around Texas

Trip dates: September 17-25.

Our boys are 9 and 5 and love adventure!

We hope to camp most nights, both to save money, and for the adventure! Camping is one of our family’s favorite pastimes anyway, and how cool would it be to camp all over the state?

We’ll be driving a Ford Explorer, thanks to my friends at Ford. Don’t you think that’s a great vehicle for this grand adventure?

I’ll be tweeting the entire week, so be sure to follow hashtag #InternationalTXtrip for updates!


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  1. Rob August 23, 2016

    New Braunfels (camping on the Comal River), Italy (caterpillar dome building and Star Trek Enterprise – funky road-side attractions).

    1. Erica Mueller August 24, 2016

      Oh, thanks for the camping suggestion! I haven’t been down there.

      I have seen the caterpillar in Italy many times (grew up in Waco) but didn’t know about the Enterprise till I started doing research for the trip. It’s on the list for sure!